As a creative partner we design, develop, illustrate, code, write, shoot, create, build, compose, edit and animate stuff that serves our clients’ needs and makes us feel cool. We are asked to work in many capacities from “do this please” to “I have no idea what I want” and enjoy them all equally.


Suite 1 - Edit / Smoke

Suite 2 - Smoke / Color

Suite 3 - Record / Mix

Record - VO / Music / Foley

Studio - Summer 2015

Maker Space - Summer 2015


Jeremy Sahlman - Creative Director

Jeremy has been designing and directing broadcast and online content for more than 10 years. His visual style is diverse but unified by his sense of motion, timing, and a whimsy that finds its way into all of his work. Jeremy's deep rolodex of amazing talent and fantastic staff, accompanied by a desire to over-produce every single project, allow Black Math to be pretty freakin awesome :D

Evan Fellers - Executive Producer

Evan has been creating on the East Coast for 15+ years, working tirelessly as a Director, Smoke Artist, Animator, Editor and more. Like a swiss army knife, this wide and diverse experience enables Black Math to operate in a number of different capacities under a common goal: create great work and keep all humans happy.

Jeremy's Reel