Accelerate Newsletter
for Small Businesses
Meta x Black Math​​​​​​​
Our pals at Meta came to us with an ask: create excitement around a special newsletter made exclusively for small business owners and their communities. 
Our solution? Create small businesses. (No, literally. We constructed full-scale façades of multiple small businesses within corners of our already-small-business space.)
After rounds of concepting, we landed on four unique ad spots (two more than originally planned!) that would capture the excitement and authenticity of four unique businesses: a plant shop, a record store, a children’s gift shoppe*, and a donut shop.

*fancy shop
We harnessed the powers and collective talents of our studio. From creative crafters to expert builders, talented screen printers to quality taste-testers, we were ALL hands on deck—including being hand models (shoutout Chrissy!).
Our main focus (besides eating the leftover donuts) was making these feel authentic, ensuring legibility within the ads, and working closely with the Meta creative team to align with their expansive brand guidelines. The final products (all 24 of them) paired quirky compositions with supportive camera moves and playful music and sound effects. 
The only surprise we didn’t see coming? Every morning on set a few things were missing and moved around. We blame the gnomes. 
🧸 Children's Gift Shoppe 🧸

🌿 Plant Shop 🌿

🎶 Record Store 🎶

🍩 Donut Shop 🍩

Set Design

Props & Process
Pencil sketch → 3D mockup → Final execution

Behind the Scenes


Client: Meta

Creative Direction: Louie Jannetty
Art Direction: Louie Jannetty, Adabelle Tan
Producers: Nickey Georgallas, Kate Nolan
Storyboards: Adabelle Tan, Kevin Chiu, Kory Demers, DaAe Kim, Celia Hsu
Design: Adabelle Tan, Kevin Chiu, Celia Hsu, DaAe Kim, Rux Centea, Kory Demers, Louie Jannetty, Chrissy Eckman, Tanaya Khadke, Cathy Lin, Miharu Murai, Sichen Liu
3D Previs: Louie Jannetty, Amr Seoudi
Compositing: Steve Madden, Yifan Sun
Print Production: Alexandra Williams
Set Design/Building: Jeff Smith (+ everyone at Black Math!)
Editor: Jeremy Fraga
Music/SFX: Kate Siefker

On Set
Director: Louie Jannetty
Director of Photography: Patrick Ryan
Line Producer: Nickey Georgallas
Gaffer: Ken Perham
Grip: Wally Argo

Produced by Black Math
Executive Team: Jeremy Sahlman (ECD), Evan Fellers (CEO), Alexandra Williams (EP, Boston), Stephanie Rabins (EP, New York)
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