Aleo x Black Math
When Aleo introduced themselves as a "web3 company, specializing in zero-knowledge proofs in the world of decentralized technologies" — we said ...well, nothing... because our brains melted. But what we did understand is that they were looking for a partner to help make content that was visually compelling and disruptive, while showcasing all things Aleo and their products. 
After a crash course into the world of ZK proofs, SNARKS, LEO, ZEXE, and zkVMs, our team was ready to get going. We landed on 3 approaches to create some ZEXE (pronounced "zexie", like sexy) content: 
Aleo TL;DR  |  Bite-sized social nuggets that center on Aleo's strongest offerings.
ZKisms  |  Upcycled existing interviews with Aleo's CEO.
Zero to Zero Knowledge  |  Long-form journalistic content including a video shoot in Aleo's NYC office.

Aleo TL;DRs
Short social content highlighting the good stuff that Aleo brings to the world of decentralized tech







Animations upcycling previously recorded interviews with Aleo's CEO




Zero to Zero-Knowledge
Diving deeper into zero-knowledge with editorial videos filmed at the Aleo HQ​​​​​​​


Black Math Team:
Creative Direction: Louie Jannetty
Associate Creative Director: Travis Tyler
Art Direction: Louie Jannetty, DaAe Kim
Producer: Kate Nolan
Production Coordinator: Hannah Goodsell
Line Producer: Cheyenne Capri

2D Design: DaAe Kim, Celia Hsu, Sofie Lee, Brian Gossett, Iris Xie
2D Animation: Banks Maynard, Wendy Haung, Celia Hsu, Kory Demers (cell),
Yifan Sun, DaAe Kim, Jake Williams, TJ Sochor
3D Animation: Amr Seoudi
Editor:  Noah Canavan 

Aleo Team:
Chief Marketing Officer: Brennen Schlueter
Creative Lead: Jacob Anderson
Marketing Operations Lead: Ashley Dawn Edwards
Head of Social: Santiago Campos
Content Lead: Kathie Jurek
VP of Community: Viviane Ford

Produced by Black Math
Executive Team: Jeremy Sahlman (ECD), Evan Fellers (CEO),
Alexandra Williams (EP, Boston), Stephanie Rabins (EP, New York)

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