Creative Brief: 
Visualize that Bai products are both healthy AND delicious.

For this project, we teamed up with our buddy (*Bai's buddy) Justin Timberlake to make a 30-second TV ad, and it incorporated ALL. THE. THINGS. We fabricated a custom-made flip board using a series of spinning slats that rotate like shutters; we dressed multiple vignettes with fresh fruit and curated bespoke props; we found just the right set of hands to flip the board, whipped up some original music, and mixed a voiceover by the one and only JT. (In reality, we weren't allowed in the room with him, but please don’t tell our children that.)
"Healthylicious" was our 4th collaboration with Bai — in short, if you let us play, we will come up with something weird, effective, and on-brand for your project every time!

Concept Art

Behind the Scenes

Original Music
Composing a custom track to stand up to Justin's heavenly pipes was a tall order, but in the end, we mixed together some squeaky chair sounds with office dog snorting noises and everyone was overjoyed with the results. Below are some of the variations we came up with along the way.

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