Over the past decade, Chegg has helped millions of students overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Chegg Skills, one of their fastest growing branches offering targeted skilling programs to businesses & individuals, came to us with a challenge of their own: to create a powerful sub-identity for Chegg Skills that remains unified under the Chegg umbrella, but speaks to their unique business audience and product offerings.

Together, we embarked on a design journey informed by close collaboration with cross-functional teams and deep study of their products & value propositions. We visualized many roads, pathways, staircases, puzzles and styles along the way; and many Zoom calls later, we delivered a B2B-focused, premium extension of the established Chegg Horizon brand.

Our graphic system visualizes how Chegg Skills 
positively reshapes individuals, teams, and organizations to fit ever-changing business needs.


People come in all shapes & sizes.

Chegg Skills celebrates every individual learner, wherever they are in their own personal journey.
And learning new skills allows people to become new versions of themselves: taking their original form, reshaping or growing their abilities, and adjusting to whatever is next for their career. ​​​​​​​

Together, these things represent the beauty (and challenges) of the modern workforce: constantly shifting & adapting to solve for collective growth.
Gaps are no longer holes—they are opportunities for individuals to grow into.

Brand Guidelines

We developed a robust set of guidelines to ensure brand integrity, including a chapter on voice & tone, a library of edited stock imagery, and some embedded easter eggs for anyone who actually reads these documents.

Motion Toolkit

Once the identity was shaped, our team built a templated After Effects file for their video library: intros, outros, curriculum title cards, as well as animated logo files.

All title cards are designed with variable text length in mind, utilizing a thoughtful grid system & clear guides in the template, and dropdown menus for mix-and-match style & color combos.

Slide Deck Template

We also built a fresh new slide deck template with dozens of master slide types for marketing & sales presentation needs. When you say POWER, we say POINT!!!

Figma Assets & Content Templates

To ease the handoff for future content creation, we built a large Figma document of editable working files for sample social, web, email, and event content. A key principle of this brand is that graphics should always be form-fit around image subjects in specific design applications, but the template file is set up for easy modification with embedded guidelines to follow.

Process & Exploration 


Client: Chegg Skills

Creative Direction & Project Management:
Jeremy Sahlman, Alexandra Williams, Chrissy Eckman, Cheyenne Capri, Travis Tyler

• Exploration: Brian Gossett, Renaud Lavency, DaAe Kim, Rux Centea, Yifan Sun, Adabelle Tan,
Chrissy Eckman, Wendy Huang, Alexandra Williams (support), Louie Jannetty (support)
• Guidelines: Chrissy Eckman, Savannah Walker, Travis Tyler, Cheyenne Capri, Adabelle Tan, Alexandra Williams
• 3D Design & Animation: Chantelle Gao, Evan Fellers (support)

• Motion Toolkit: Wendy Huang, Yifan Sun, Steve Madden (support), Celia Hsu (support)
• Edited Stock Photo Library: Noah Canavan, Cheyenne Capri (support), Travis Tyler (support)
• Figma Assets & Content Templates: Savannah Walker, Chrissy Eckman, Adabelle Tan
• Slide Deck Template: Rux Centea, Chrissy Eckman

Case Study Content: Rux Centea (asset design), Wendy Huang (animation),
Chrissy Eckman (animation + page layout)

Produced by Black Math
Executive Team: Jeremy Sahlman (ECD), Evan Fellers (CEO),
Alexandra Williams (EP, Boston), Stephanie Rabins (EP, New York)

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