Earth shoes charged us with creating an immersive, tactile world that brought to life its focus on ethereal, organic beauty; wellness; connection to the Earth, and the mystical power of women both in front and behind the camera.
We partnered with photographer Heather McGrath to bring that magical vision to life.

Together, we took over a modest production space for days: using real trees, a manufactured moon, fog machines, and miles of iridescent paint and fabric to adorn our models and the "Earth." The resulting artwork needed to live in a catalog (where we helped to organize the flow of information); social media (still and motion); out-of-home print ads; and a fashion film. The library of content we created in just 4 days of shooting was MASSIVE — our bedrooms are still a mess because of it.​​​​​
"In dramatic metaphor, Earth shoes become powerful amulets that physically connect us to the earth; they awaken our female energies and refresh our view of the world. With each step, energy fills us — it's magical."

Behind The Scenes
Original Music
Concept Art
Client: Earth Shoes
Agency: Soldier
Photography: Heather McGrath
Design & Animation: Black Math
Film: Patrick Ryan
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