Fresh Chemistry
Rebrand + Spring Campaign

Usually people think it's a BAD idea to let Black Math's production team mix up a bunch of chemicals on set. But when Fresh Chemistry said we could try our hand at stirring up their lotions 'n potions right before using them (because this is how they stay so fresh), we acted totally cool and went for it.

We wanted the brand to feel like we do after splashing on some C serum: bold, youthful, and faintly orange-smelling. So we took the brand ID and ran with it: from pamphlets, packaging, and a new logo to a new website and social assets, all brought to life through a luscious shoot with photographer Heather McGrath

Do we look a little younger??

Fun fact - the bottles in the pink-hued shots are actually rendered by our CG artists. The newly designed products were still a glint in the manufacturer's eye. Did we fool ya?

Web Design

Spring Campaign Video

Social Content

Initial Style Exploration
Photography: Heather McGrath
Design & AnimationBlack Math​​​​​​​
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