Gender-Bending Fashion
Black Math x Museum of Fine Arts

Together with the MFA, we delivered an immersive projection-mapping experience around the culminating garments in the final room of their Gender Bending Fashion showcase.
The exhibit highlights fashion's history of "disrupting, blurring, and redefining conventions and expectations around the relationship between gender and dress."
It was a challenge to create backdrops that successfully enveloped the beauty of the pieces on display without overpowering or contaminating the original work — but we rotoscoped a pixel-by-pixel outline of every form, went through rounds of design & animation at all scales, and installed the final projections around each of their contours for the 2019 exhibit that turned heads worldwide.
Above: Initial mockups & site plan (provided by the MFA) to show layout of the "grand finale" room and its context in the walkthrough. 
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