Klaviyo Product Events
Klaviyo x Black Math
When global tech company Klaviyo (specializing in email and SMS marketing) came to us to help bring their quarterly Product Events to life, we immediately hit subscribe—aka, we said yes. ​​​​​​​
Within the live-streamed Keynotes, there was a round-up of the latest tech releases, all announced by Klaviyo team members and backed by real customers success stories. From in-office shoots to diving deep into the UI of various product screens, we tackled driving excitement around the new products by adding sleek motion, elevated graphics, and easily digestible content for existing or potential customers to get the lay of the Klaviyo land.

Alongside the Klaviyo team, we were able to establish and iterate on a creative process that spanned across 3 unique and robust product events—and, even lead to other projects with Klaviyo that dove deep into motion guidelines, product animations, and their ever-evolving brand. 

Sizzle Reel​​​​​​​
Title Cards​​​​​​​
Keynote Video
Sizzle Reel
Title Cards
Keynote Video
Sizzle Reel
Title Cards
Keynote Video

Early Design Exploration

Shooting Board + Behind the Scenes

Client: Klaviyo
Creative Direction: Jeremy Sahlman, Chrissy Eckman
Art Direction: Celia Hsu
Producers: Nickey Georgallas, Kate Nolan
Design: Rasita Kartarahardja, DaAe Kim, Celia Hsu, Aishwarya SadasivanRux Centea, Madeleine Stulz (Support)
Animation: Celia Hsu, Rasita Kartarahardja, DaAe Kim, TJ Sochor, Jake WilliamsWendy Huang, Yifan Sun, Steve Madden (Support), Preston Sullivan (Support)
Editor: Noah Canavan
Music/SFX: Billy Wirasnik
Directors (On set): Jeremy Sahlman, Chrissy Eckman
Director of Photography: Patrick Ryan
Line Producers: Nickey Georgallas, Cheyenne Capri
Produced by Black Math
Executive Team: Jeremy Sahlman (ECD), Evan Fellers (CEO), 
Alexandra Williams (EP, Boston), Stephanie Rabins (EP, New York)

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