Every year, the New England advertising community comes together for a night of celebration and a little healthy competition for the coveted "Best-in-Show" Hatch bowl.

For this year's brand package, we took it back to basics—allll the way back to childhood—via a trippy visit to an imaginary kid's show about advertising. We created a friendly psychedelic world (think "Schoolhouse Rock") where our lovable characters followed an advertising idea up the ladder as it struggled to get realized, only to learn some darkly comic lessons along the way. In order to transform the space, we designed every element of the event: from the stage and screen elements to the house-floor props to the book cover. The night culminated with a hack of 3D facial animation technology that brought the winners to the stage for some friendly on-screen ragging.

Brand Guidelines
Print & Social Collateral
Original Music
Stage Design
Behind the Scenes
Character Design & Animation

Afterwards, we designed a few more assets to spice up our social feeds with content promoting our recent work. Since this was a design-two-events-in-one-month October for us, we combined visuals from both event packages (Hatch 59 and Moonshot) to create the fun #spacestuff you see below.

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