Like the visionaries who set their sights high to land on the moon, the 2019 Edge Conference—themed "Moonshot"— celebrated innovators & boundary-pushers who are advocating for change across a range of industries.

The Ad Club of Boston asked us to design a multimedia show package for this year that would complement the cutting-edge creativity on stage, transforming a traditional performance venue into a site of exploration and wonder.

In order to create a sense of whimsy while recognizing the professional accomplishments of the event's honorees, we wove together iconic imagery of space exploration with evocative sights and sounds of children's play.

Using a library of iconography built to work across the media spectrum, we created an intro video; animated title cards; a template for on-screen demos; stage elements (including custom bogo lights); original music and sound design; and an event book.
Look & Feel
Show Open
Stage Elements
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