What we're made of matters.

Reebok is constructing a brand new reality: one where plastics get a second life and shoes are made from things that grow. They're on a journey toward a more sustainable future, and we helped visualize a plan for getting there.

Recycled & Regrown
Reebok's new sustainability initiative breaks down five key materials, illustrating their sustainable characteristics and explaining how they’re used. We dug into the details of each characteristic; learned all about the materials; and built a visual language for consumer-facing messaging.
And did we also put these ingredients in the blender to create a powerful smoothie? YOU HEARD RIGHT! When your shoes become too worn to wear, you’ll know they are perfectly tenderized and ready to eat*.
(*Reebok says not to do this)

The Elements
Bloom Algae   /   Castor Bean Oil   /   Eucalyptus Bark   /   Natural Rubber   /   Recycled Polyester

Elements as Campaign Assets
After visualizing each individual element, we worked with Reebok to bring the resulting imagery to the website, social, & out-of-home product campaigns. Every shoe that features one of these new sustainable materials will be identified, down the road, with its corresponding image.

E L E M E N T A L    C O N C E P T S

C O M P O S I T I O N  &  C O L O R

P E N C I L    T E S T S

M A T E R I A L    R E N D E R    E X P L O R A T I O N S
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