Salsify 10th Anniversary Sizzle
Salsify x Black Math

"You've got two weeks, a cohesive script to follow, and full freedom with our beautiful brand guidelines." Challenge = happily accepted. That's what is felt like when we partnered with Salsify to create an internal video to celebrate their 10 Year Anniversary and unreal growth as a company over the years. We tackled it creative-sprint-style, putting our heads together on connecting their milestones alongside their colorful, energetic, and unified branding. Put that with a groovy, tech-y music track and you’ve got a hype video guaranteed to get your staff excited about the initiatives ahead. ​​​​​​​

Script + Story Development

Initial Exploration


Client: Salsify

Creative Director: Chrissy Eckman
Producer: Kate Nolan

Script + Story: Kate Nolan, Chrissy Eckman, Rux Centea, DaAe Kim
Design: DaAe Kim, Rux Centea, Yifan Sun
Animation: DaAe Kim, Yifan Sun

Produced by Black Math
Executive Team: Jeremy Sahlman (ECD), Evan Fellers (CEO),
Alexandra Williams (EP, Boston), Stephanie Rabins (EP, New York)
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