Black Math x TransMedics
TransMedics came to us at a very critical moment in their journey as a medical technology start-up. After years of developing the first ever FDA-approved technology for lung, heart, and liver transplantation in the US, they were ready to show up in a big way as a brand. TMDX's OCS technology keeps hearts pumping, lungs breathing, and livers...livering...outside of body, so they can be transported across the country to recipients in need—on demand. While we at Black Math can not be trusted with living organs, we can be a trusted partner in communicating TransMedic's powerful product story and developing their brand.​​​​​​​

Brand Story

We encountered a challenge: how do we show the journey of an organ under TransMedics care? 
We didn't want to show living organs and all the graphic details, so we developed the visual metaphor of spheres gliding over boundless red paths.​​​​​​​


Trade Show Booth
After establishing a visual language for the TransMedic's brand story, we continued that story via an eye-catching and immersive trade show booth experience. Our team ensured TransMedics' booth would steal the show by creating captivating interactive components and a space that invited attendees to learn more.​​​​​​​


Client: TransMedics

Creative Direction: Louie Jannetty
Associate Creative Director: Travis Tyler
Art Direction: Adabelle Tan, Louie Jannetty, DaAe Kim
Producer: Kate Nolan, Hannah Goodsell

2D Design: Adabelle Tan, DaAe Kim, Kevin Chiu, Yifan Sun, Rux Centea
2D Animation: Louie Jannetty, Steve Madden, Banks Maynard, Celia Hsu, Yifan Sun, Jake Williams
3D Design: Louie Jannetty, Amr Seoudi, Marcus Bakke
3D Animation: Louie Jannetty, Amr Seoudi, Marcus Bakke, Omid Seraj, Lyon Graulty

Produced by Black Math
Executive Team: Jeremy Sahlman (ECD), Evan Fellers (CEO),
Alexandra Williams (EP, Boston), Stephanie Rabins (EP, New York)

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