Nursery Re-Rhymes
TZGZ x Black Math​​​​​​​
Sometimes they just... let us do our thing. This platform may not exist anymore, but we're pretty sure it's *not* because we have Humpty Dumpty twerking at :22 🎬

👠 Humpty Dumpty 👠
🎀 Little Misses 🎀
💣 This Old Mix 💣
✌️ A Goose on the Loose ✌️


Initial Explorations
Link to Stephanie’s voiceover audition for “This Old Broad” (not sure why clients didn’t go for it?)


Client: TZGZ

Creative Direction: Steve Madden, Louie Jannetty
Art Direction: Adabelle Tan
Animation Direction: Steve Madden
Producer: Nickey Georgallas

Copywriting: Steve Madden, Stephanie Rabins, Louie Jannetty, along with the TZGZ team
Design: Adabelle Tan (Lead), Celia Hsu, Kagan Marks, Veronica Ni
Animation: Steve Madden (Lead), Louie Jannetty, Kory Demers, Kagan Marks (Support)
Edit: Noah Canavan
Music/SFX/Audio Engineer: Jade Rose, Kate Siefker

— Early Stages —
Concept Art: Veronica Ni, Steve Madden, Kory Demers, Rasita Kartarahardja, Louie Jannetty
Copywriting: Steve Madden, Kory Demers, Stephanie Rabins, Louie Jannetty, Kate Siefker, Noah Canavan

Produced by Black Math
Executive Team: Jeremy Sahlman (ECD), Evan Fellers (CEO),
Alexandra Williams (EP, Boston), Stephanie Rabins (EP, New York)

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