As a creative partner we design, develop, illustrate, code, write, shoot, create, build, compose, edit and animate stuff that serves our clients’ needs and makes us feel cool. We are asked to work in many capacities from “do this please” to “I have no idea what I want” and enjoy them all equally.

We are brought to you by the color teal, the number 5, and the taste of donuts.

We Are

Big enough to bring your ideas to life. Small enough that every team member is close to every project, and that you’re likely to get a partner on the phone. We won’t put your project in a box, do things the easy way, and check it off our list. We’ll get our deskmate to write a piece of code; build a giant bagel; re-imagine a classic track with contemporary (weird) instrumentation. We are usually friendly, always available, and more than happy to answer all sorts of questions, every single day.

We Work With

Giant National Mattress Companies. Little Local Candy Companies. Super-Speedy Sneaker Companies. Tiny Tech Startups. Biotech Behemoths. Winning New England Sports Teams. New England Non-Profits. National Non-Profits. International NGOs. Curmudgeonly Craftspeople. Acclaimed Professors. Television Productions. Live Productions. Universities. Actors. Models. Babies.

Our Story

Black Math was born in 2012 and outgrew its “above Wendy's" location in just a few years. We upgraded to a re-purposed textile loft in Chinatown, where the food is better and where we have room to build elaborate sets without displacing half the staff. We have since drawn members from around the country and the globe; acquired better equipment; learned some new skills; invested in projects we loved… and here we are. A couple dozen full-timers strong, with collaborators in the 100s: techsters and artsters and musicsters and directstors and produsters. We don’t know what the next chapter will bring, but we’re pretty sure it’ll include lasers, fun projects, challenging projects, and lots of awkward smiles.

Conspire. Strategize. Create.
Design. Animate. Edit. Shoot.
Code. Compose. Sound. Build.